It's been four years in the making. Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen is now regarded as one of the two or three best quarterbacks in the NFL after his amazing two playoff games this month, against the New England Patriots in what was a perfect game on offense, and in a losing effort against the Kansas City Chiefs, which saw Allen with an amazing game and nearly 400 yards of offense.

Allen's thrown for over 4,400 passing yards the past two seasons with nearly 100 total touchdowns, and he had 9 touchdowns and nearly 800 yards of total offense this postseason.

These past two seasons have been amazing to see. 2019 saw Josh take a big step forward and lead the Bills to a 10-6 record, while his 2018 rookie campaign saw many growing pains, but signs of greatness here and there.

Former NFL tight end and current NFL on FOX broadcaster, Greg Olsen, retired after the 2020 season. Played 14 years from 2007-2020. The first four years of his career were spent with thee Chicago Bears and the next nine with the Carolina Panthers.

Olsen ended his career in 2020 with the Seattle Seahawks.

If you remember, however, Olsen was down to a decision between Seattle and Buffalo in 2021. Ultimately, Olsen decided to play with the Seahawks and Russell Wilson.

He only caught 24 passes and the Seahawks lost in the NFC Wild Card round to the Los Angeles Rams.

Olsen was a guest with Dave Portnoy on his show with Barstool Sports, and admitted that he thinks about what could've been in Buffalo with Josh Allen, who ended up having a monster, breakout season in 2020.

"When I chose to go to Seattle to play with Russell, I look back now when I made that decision, of just how good Josh Allen now two years after that decision," said Olsen. "And I think all the time what could have been in Buffalo."

Olsen would have been teamed up with second-year tight end Dawson Knox in 2020, and he definitely would've helped the Bills during that run.

It's refreshing to hear a player be honest like this, and have second thoughts about a contractual decision they made.

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