As someone who claimed that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell went too far in hammering the New Orleans Saints, I have  to retrack my opinion a bit. The evidence forces me to.

In a brand new audio tape just unveiled to the public former Saints Defensive Co-ordinator Gregg Williams is clearly heard telling his players to target the heads of a few players including 49ers QB Alex Smith and RB Frank Gore. That's disgusting. As I said right from the start, I have no problem looking to punish a player with hard hits, that's part of the game. But I also said targeting the head purposely is off-limits, and here is Williams specifically ordering his troops to go for the head, the head, the head. There is no excuse.

As they say, the tape doesn't lie! Also heard is Williams ordering his players to go after Michael Crabtree's knee. Another no-no. This makes me sick, frankly.

The audio was picked up from a documentary being put together to show the story of former Saints player Steve Gleason who is battling ALS. The documentary is being made by  Sean Pamphilon. The audio is clear. There are no doubts. The recordings took place before the Saints-49ers playoff game last season.

Imagine the kutzpah as the cameras are rolling, Williams knows the NFL is looking into the bounty stuff and yet he is imploring his fellas to target heads and knees. Talk about gall!

Williams, by the way, is serving an indefinite suspension, and is not appealing his penalty. The question now will be debated. Should Williams ever be allowed back into the NFL? I say yes, but when, I don't know. The penalty needs to be stiff and historical. While I am not naive enough to think this kind of stuff is isolated, it is usually not caught on tape. This was organized assault, and Williams is the ring leader. I wonder how he would feel if his players were targeted in such heinous manner. I am thinking he wouldn't care as someone belting out orders to target places that should never be targeted.