New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is one of many NFL players to be featured in a brand new ESPN ad for Monday Night Football.

Rob Gronkowski had a league-high 17 touchdown receptions last season.  However, he's not only known for his great production on the field.  He's known for his wacky antics off of the field.  Gronk has routinely made light-hearted videos and is routinely seen doing wacky things like dancing in clubs shirtless.  Eating chicken wings upside down seems to fit his persona.

It's unfortunate that people tend to focus on Gronk's Gronk-ness (for lack of a better phrase) more than his great production on the field.  I caught an up-close glimpse of Gronk during Patriots' training camp near Gillette Stadium last Wednesday as part of 104.5 The Team's NFL Training Camp Tour.  The man is an imposing figure.  We also broadcasted live from Bills' camp in Rochester and Giants' camp from Albany.

Seeing Gronk and the other players in this video gets me jacked up for the season.  Practically anything associated with the NFL gets me fired up for the 2012 campaign at this point.  Watching Gronkowski along with LeSean McCoy, Arian Foster, Darrelle Revis, and even Jerry Jones?  Bring on the season, baby!

Brian Noe is the Brand Manager at 104.5 The Team, ESPN Radio in Albany, NY.  Brian also hosts “The Noe Show” weekdays from 1-3 pm ET on WTMM.