Super Bowl champion Rob Gronkowski will be featured all week on a popular CBS reality show. The summer of 2015 was nicknamed the #SummerofGronk and half way through the season it seems that  popular Patriots tight end does not show any signs of slowing down. Already we have seen the All-Pro Gronkowski, in the latest Entourage movie, an appearance on the ratings hit that is Celebrity Family Feud and as a competitor on Fox’s Beat The Champions show. Tonight, Gronk was featured on CBS' reality show Big Brother. Each week this season a celebrity will host a "BBTakeover" which involves the competitors on the show battling for what maybe a secret prize in the game. Each competition (head of household, battle of the block, power of veto) will have a theme correlating with Gronkowski. Today the "houseguests" competed in "Gronk Pong" where a ball was thrown into an area which was made to resemble a massive game beer pong with each cup representing a score. Gronk, is not the only sports connection on season 17 of Big Brother. Former WWE Superstar Judas Devlin (real name Austin Matelson) and former Texas A&M defensive back Clay Honeycutt are competing for a chance to win $500,000. Gronkowski will be featured on this week's Big Brother airing at 8pm eastern Sunday and Wednesday and 9pm eastern Thursday.

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