Almost all of the North American professional sports leagues are trying to find innovate ways to play this year. One league may be using a reality television style format to showcase their athletes. According to the Big 3 league website, the league has partnered with the producers of the popular reality show Big Brother, to form a reality show with a similar premise. Big 3 co-founder Jeff Kwaitnetz recently discussed the goals for the show to Yahoo Sports

Our number concern is safety. Aside from being able to work with the best creative producers possible for this type of show, they’re also the right people to ensure safety and health because they’ve done this for over 20 years in a hundred countries. They’ve specialized in keeping people in quarantined conditions. If anybody knows what they’re doing, it’s them

The reality show is scheduled to air in May with the league scheduled tip-off still set for June 20th in Memphis.

Have you watched the Big 3 basketball league the past few seasons? Would you watch a reality show based on the league this summer? Let us know your thoughts below

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