When the NFL season began the Kansas City Chiefs looked like World beaters, but as the year has continued to say the Chiefs have come back down to Earth would be an Understatement. KC started with a five game win streak. In which KC easily dispatched both the Patriots and the Eagles in weeks one and two. Since then they have lost five of their last six and both super rookie Running Back Kareem Hunt and Quarterback Alex Smith have been ineffective.

Kansas City sports talk show host Carrington Harrison joined us to explain why the Chiefs have fallen so fast and so completely. Harrison also has very little hope for the Chiefs to prevail this Sunday against the New York Jets. A game you can hear right here on 104. The Team ESPN Radio.

There is a particular statistic that Harrison shared that's a true head scratchier, the Chiefs have not won a game started by a Quarterback they drafted since 1993. So when Patrick Mahomes III takes over for Alex Smith expect them to do all they can to make it a success.

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