The New York Yankees have a six-game lead in the AL East, and go into the final third of the season controlling their own destiny.

Out of the Yankees 58 games left 34 of them will be played at home, where they have been extremely good (30-17).


There's been a lot to cheer for in the past month, as the Yankees haven't lost a series since June. The most promising sign is the Yankees have been on fire with 52 runs in the past four wins. With the resurgence of  Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez the Yankees are looking like the team we've been waiting for the last three years. The biggest surprise of late has been the breakout of Sir Didi Gregorius. After one of the worst starts that anyone could imaging for the young shortstop, he's continuing to come into his own both offensively and defensively. Gregorius has hit a team-high .480 over the 7 games with one home run and 11 runs batted in. The 11 RBIs is the most on the team over the past seven games.

Now for the part that all fans are worried about, the pitching. CC Sabathia has been nothing but a inconsistent headache all season, Masahiro Tanaka still doesn't look like the bag of money he was in the beginning of his rookie season, and now we have to worry about the Yankees ace Michael Pineda's forearm injury. With no deadline day deals to improve its pitching staff, this is what the Yankees are stuck with going into the stretch, and into October.

How far can the big bats take this ailing pitching staff into the postseason? Only time will tell, and if it goes south in September, Brian Cashman will take majority of the heat for not making any moves. 

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