Joseph Girard III carved out an incredible career during his time at Glens Falls. New York state's all time leading scorer now begins his collegiate career this year as he prepares to play for the Syracuse Orange.

Recently the Syracuse basketball beat writer Mike Waters offered his assessment in his mail bag article at as to how much he believes JG3 will play in his freshman season. Waters offered up the following

Girard can drill his jumper from 3-point range; the NCAA’s new line won’t be a problem for him. He’s very strong for a guard. He’s a good ball-handler with excellent court vision. In fact, Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim has said that he could see Girard at the point at some time in his career.

It will be interesting to see him battle sophomore Buddy Boeheim for playing time at shooting guard.

Regarding the second question, comparing one player to another can get dicey. There’s the danger of comparing a player like Girard to a former Syracuse player and having people think it’s more than a comparison. That it’s saying the younger player is as good as the former player.


In that respect, Girard bears similar traits to former Syracuse players such as Gerry McNamara in terms of toughness, Trevor Cooney in terms of his 3-point shot and even Marty Headd, who played in the era prior to the 3-point shot but still averaged in double-figures in each of his last three seasons at Syracuse.

How much playing time do you believe JG3 will get this season? Let us know below

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