Arizona Cardinals v Minnesota Vikings
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All week long Levack and Goz will be broadcasting from Radio Row live from the Mall of America. ESPN Radio reporter Matthew Coller joined the show to discuss how he believes this year's Super Bowl will be different than any other Super Bowl site cities from the past.

"Well it’s my first radio row, so the pomp and circumstance of all of it. Walking through downtown and seeing all these people and you have concerts and food everywhere. I went to the super bowl experience where you can kick a field goal and watch a guy make a football. I mean all of the different events going on and even sitting here it’s funny to see people with hall of fame jackets on and people you see on ESPN. So it’s all exciting for me and the number of people who are here to show off the twin cities, even though it’s cold, I think people will be very impressed"


We have already experienced first hand some of the cold that the "Bold North" will bring to the biggest football game of the year. Plus the Mall of America feel has brought a new buzz to the week long Radio Row event. What do you think of a cold city like Minnesota hosting a Super Bowl? Do you believe we will see more cold cities host again in the future? Plus would Super Bowl 52 be more exciting for you if the Minnesota Vikings had played in this year's big game? Let us know below.

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