Finally something fell out of Barry Bond's mouth that I agree with. The steroid cheat called himself a felon the other day when he stopped by the San Francisco Giants game. I agree Bondsie. You are a felon, in addition to a disgrace, a cheater, an adulterer, a liar, and thankfully a retired, pub hungry loser! harsh you say-I am letting this bum off easy!

If you love baseball and I do, my favorite sport, and take personally the years robbed by the roiders, then this is the main culprit, the big dog, the guy who made it "cool" to cheat, steal, rob, and almost destroy the great sport of Baseball.

Add in perhaps the most misrable guy to ever play-at least from my eyes, a guy who while calling out other players and cities for being racist was indeed a racist himself (ask Ron Kittle) and what we have here is a total disgrace to the game.

Kittle wrote a book and in it says Bonds claimed he wouldn't sign a jersey for a "white player". Same Bondsie who called Boston a racist city, who tried to claim that those who say he cheated were racists. Yeah yeah Bondsie I see you got your ques from Al Sharpton.

This is the same Barry Bonds who took his young son to a press congerence to answer questions about roiding with young son Nicoli in tow so he could whine to reporters how these questions and allegations 'hurt' his son, yet at the same time good old Bondsie was screwing around with a young lady while married. Sad none of the press had the guts to ask Bonds if cheating on his wife hurt the young boy.

That mistress Kimberly Bell later turned rat and helped ther government in their case against Bonds, who lied to a grand jury and is now a felon.

Bonds showed up at a recent Giants game when he told the press he is a felon-so Bonds you disgrace I agree you are a felon.

Bonds also broke out the conedy act, telling the assembled masses of press minions he wants to help the Giants, coach some of the players-yeah hey Bondsie where is the needle best applied in my buttocks for injecting the roids?

Bonds then went on to claim he would like to help out teaching some of the Giants players, that he wanted a role higher then J.T Snow who helps out during Spring and other times-yeah Bonds claims he deserves a "better position" but after stabbing Snow said he loves Snow. But the best part is when Bonds claimed he just wanted people to enjoy themselves when they came out to the park- now that's funny-he hates the fans and always did-and the best of the best-he wants to help tutor Tim Lincecum. Now that's funny. Just what I would want-this cirt bag near any player dispensing advice. Yeah like I want Charlie Manson around kids.

It was typical Bonds-myopic and oblivious. He is appealing his conviction for obstruction of justice and is proud to tell you he wasn't 'convicted of roids. Yeah Barry because the Government never put on a lousy case.

Yes I don't like Bonds. In fact I detest him. I did a charity thing with him once, it was in his name for young kids. This guy shows up 2 hours late and stays 5 minutes. His mere presence bugs me. I take it personal and don't deny that!

Do us all a favor Bondsie- Go away. Your family is a mess-still cheating on the family Barry? his reputation in tatters. His hall chances minimul at best if the writers stay true to their word. Go away Bonds and swim in the cesspool you created!