With the NFL Draft around the corner, there's all sorts of speculation right now about who the top picks might be.

I also have my doubts about one other thing.  Cam Newton.

I honestly don't think Cam Newton will be a good NFL Quarterback.

First off, he lacks accuracy and touch.  He ran the ball much more than he threw it.  When he did throw the football, he wasn’t accurate.

When he played against a team with equal skills (like Oregon in the National Championship Game), he struggled to make good decisions.

At the NFL Combine, he didn’t look good either.  That’s without defenders and true play-calling.

ESPN’s John Gruden had him on his Quarterback Camp segment last week and he couldn’t even remember a single play he called in college (See the video below).

He admitted that the coach at Auburn made things simple for him and even called in the plays from the sideline so Cam wouldn’t have to call them in the huddle and mess them up.

Tell me how many other Super Bowl winning quarterbacks over the last decade (Peyton, Brees, Rodgers, even Eli) that had this problem.  They are all smart guys who are good decision makers and accurate passers.

Newton is more concerned with money, glamour, and fame than learning about the game of football and studying to become a better player.

Cam Newton's lack of knowledge is one thing. His drive to be a superstar is even more concerning.  I think his actualy ability might be NFL-worthy but my issues are more with his character and personality.

His image seems to matter more to him than his quarterback skills.

Let's not forget - he played just one year of Divsion I-A College Football.

He was a seldom-used back-up at Florida.  He went to a JUCO where he dominated and then played one season at Auburn.  No wonder why he can’t call plays!

I also feel like he was a good “System Quarterback”.  We’ve seen it countless times in college.  A great system run by a team that’s usually better than everyone they play at every position.  That makes the quarterback a lot better than he really is.

He didn’t even run plays at Auburn.  Why?  Because that’s how good his team was.  The Tigers could almost just improvise and get away with it.

Aren’t these all red flags?