I like Tim Tebow. I really do. I root for Tim Tebow and I was a gleeful passenger on his inexplicable ride to a playoff win over the Steelers as quarterback of the Broncos. I don't understand the people who are turned off by Tebow. Maybe it's all his positivity and humanity. Yeah, what a loser.

All that said, while I would love to see Tebow in a big league uniform one day, he hasn't even had the type of season that warrants an all-star game appearance in the minors. But, on July 11, that's where you can find the 30-year old outfielder for the Binghamton Rumble Ponies, the Mets Class AA affiliate.

Tebow is hitting .261 (27 points lower than the Eastern League average) with five home runs and 30 RBI this season. Those are not all-star numbers. Maybe it's the much-improved June that pushed him over the edge; a .318 batting average for the former Heisman Trophy winner.

I'm a fan of Tim Tebow and if he somehow finds his way to Citi Field in September this year, I'll root for him to play well. What I won't do is agree with people who says he's earned it or deserves it.

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