Does Albany give off an IPA vibe, or are we more of a Shandy? 

Marco Di Lauro, Getty Images.

It's easy to think about Albany in terms of food: you've got the Doughboy, the Bombers Burrito, the Peppermint Pig, etc. If you switch gears to beverages, it becomes a lot harder to determine -- what is the quintessential brew of Albany?

Which of the beers below do you think best suits New York's capital?

If you've read to the bottom of this blog, you're probably going to want to know about the Saratoga Beer Summit coming to the City Center this Saturday. There will be more than 80 breweries present, from which you can sample over 160 beers (but maybe don't try all of them. We'd be worried about you.)

Tickets are still available, but don't wait to get those VIP tickets. With VIP status comes an extra hour of sampling, a commemorative hat, and a food voucher. Special pricing ends on Feb. 25. See you at the Summit!