This is the definition of "Dirty Pool".  In this video, Illinois linebacker Jonathan Brown fails to follow man code.  Targeting another man's pills is just simply wrong.

Jonathan Brown is completely wrong in two instances here.  First off, it's totally regrettable to knee another man in his jewels.  It's simply a different kind of pain to inflict on your opponent.  The Golden Rule of, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you", typically doesn't apply to football, accept for the jewels.  Groin shots are off limits.

Brown's second mistake is that he does this right in front of an official.  It's also on TV!  Brown is a YouTube, low-blow, groin shot, 15-yard personal foul drawing cheap shot artist.  Nice job, JB.  If you're going to knee another man in his privates, don't do it right in front of an official on television.