Capital Region film fans will get to take part in a series of events April 24th through May 3rd.

The show must go on, and next week the Albany Film Festival will finally take off. AS reported by News 10, the inaugural 10-day festival which was postponed due to COVID will kick off next Saturday, April 24th. The event will feature both in-person as well as virtual events.

A schedule of events can be found the Albany Film Festival website, and it includes a series of workshops for aspiring filmmakers and screenwriters as well as several screenings, including an evening of 4 screenings at Malta Drive-In Thursday, April 29th.

The festival's website says the mission of the event is to " filmmakers and screen films that explore the craft of diverse storytelling in cinema"... and to provide " panel discussions and how-to workshops with writers, screenwriters, filmmakers and film industry professionals, film critics and authors."

For fans and aspiring filmmakers who want to attend, some of the vents do require registration here.

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