Last month, I met Lia Infiniti General Manager Steve Coons and he set me up to test drive the QX60. If you saw the video, you know I loved it and I said I'd be back for more.

This month, my co-host Sean and I showed up ready to go and Steve got us right into the QX50 crossover. We took it out on the road and talked some Jets, Yankees, and Mets along the way. After taking this car for a spin, I can tell you there are three reasons you need to head over to Lia Infiniti and try it yourself:

  • The engine is amazing. This isn't hype. You can feel it respond in real time when you're driving. You have to experience it.
  • The car feels luxurious. Yes, you already know it looks luxurious. You can see that in every photo and video. But it also just feels great to ride in the QX50. You can only experience that with a test drive.
  • It really is "Luxury for Less." Lia can get you into one of these for way less than you expect and the best way to find out the number works for you is to come in and talk with them in person.

You're going to want to check out our ride right here:

You have probably been following the New York Jets inexplicable collapse over the last few weeks as what looked like a very promising offseason turned to chaos. Now, Adam Gase is at the helm and we are just going to have to hope the Jets can find their way in time to take advantage of all the talent they have.

The good news, the last video we did with Infiniti got us so much attention that it made it easy to forget the Jets are off to a rocky start this summer. Sean even went viral at his old high school. No, I'm not joking. It really happened.

The Yankees have also been inexplicable - inexplicably good. All of you who have been following the show on Facebook know that Sean is a Mets fan and he just can't get over how well the Yankees have performed in the face of what should be crippling injuries. Instead, they've come through stronger than ever. The Mets on the other hand, not so much.

I have to take a second to point out just how amazing the QX50 was to actually drive. Yeah, it looks amazing, but it's got it under the hood too. The QX50 has an engine that analyzes data on the fly and responds by adapting to the environment and conditions. That means if you're on a long haul, it's going to stay as efficient as possible and if you need to pick up speed quickly, it can do that too.

It's like a marathon runner and a sprinter built into one. Lia Infiniti GM Steve Coons told me about the engine before I got in the vehicle, but I could really feel it behind the wheel. If you're ready for an upgrade, check out Lia INFINITI — the exclusive dealer for Infiniti in the Capital Region — on Route 9 in Latham, about a mile north of the Latham circle. Tell them Onorato & Bagnardi sent you!