There is no shortage of "Tin Foil Hat" conspiracy theories that come out of my office but this one might be my all-time favorite because I've convinced myself it's true.

What if Bill Belichick the architect of The New England Patriots dynasty was plotting his exit from Foxboro and planned on leaving the team with no chance of competing when he's gone?

The theory all begins with a rift between Belichick and owner Robert Kraft caused by Belichick wanted to move forward with Jimmy Garoppolo as his Quarterback. Kraft shoots the idea down and Jimmy G is now a star in San Francisco. Belichick feels slighted and begins to clean house before he leaves himself. Both OC Josh McDaniels and DC Matt Patricia are expected to take Head Coaching jobs elsewhere. So if Belichick leaves there's no back up to 41-year-old Tom Brady and no heir apparent to take over as Head Coach. We call the theory "CODE SNAPFACE!"

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