The NFL's Top 100 players list has been released and according to their rankings, the top player from the three New York NFL teams is Giants' Running Back Saquan Barkley. Barkley checks in at number 31 on the list. Is this a fair accounting of the talent from the three teams? I think we can all agree that the potential is there in Barkley but is he currently the best NFL player in New York and is 31 high enough?

First off spare me the terrible "There's only one New York Football team!" argument. It's silly and not the point here. With Barkley the highest of the three teams that begs the question who is and who should be the highest from the other two teams? Safety Jamal Adams would have been representing the Jets with the 27th slot but he's now a member of the Seattle Seahawks. So the next top-ranked member of Gang Green falls outside the top 100. That's right, no CJ Mosely, LeVeon Bell or any other Jets player made the list. Meanwhile the arguably the best of the three NY teams the Buffalo Bills have three players on the list. CB Tre'Davious White 47, WR Stefon Diggs 54 and QB Josh Allen 87.

Did the voters get it right? Is Saquon Barkley the best player in New York and only Giant worthy of the list? Do any Jets belong? Should Tre'Davious White be ranked higher than Barkley?

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