Each Monday at 4:00 pm during Levack and Goz we do our best to figure out the sports stories from over the weekend at have either long lasting staying power or are just a one-week illusion. The segment called Monday Mirages is brought to you by the Integrative Sleep Center.  You can listen to the show by downloading the FREE 104.5 The Team app or listening at 1045theteam.com. This week's segment is back as we are moving it to 4pm on a Tuesday.

After the Sunday afternoon NFL action, the New York Jets grabbed their first win of the season. Is this the real New York Jets team for 2019 now that Sam Darnold has returned? Aroldis Chapman the most important Yankee in the ALCS? Is Kirk Cousins good? Is the NLCS already over?  Is it over for Jason Garrett in Dallas?

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