When it comes to teaching math to the student in your life, it all adds up for these Capital Region school districts.

Please excuse the pun, but the sentiment remains true. There are countless of different disciplines under the "math" umbrella that you learn in school: algebra, geometry, calculus; the list goes on forever.

Having a strong math teacher, and math program in your school district, can set you up for a better college experience, or put you directly onto a career path with a trade. When you add it all up, it shows how important learning math can become.

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NY State Education Department Shares Best Capital Region Schools for Math

The New York State Education Department released data that resulted from the most recent round of standardized testing across the Empire State. The tests given to students measured their proficiency in two subjects: English/Language Arts, and Mathematics.

The department broke their findings down into a few categories. They shared data on the amount of students tested, as well as the percentage of the students in the district who were given a test. They also shared the amount of students that were considered "proficient" in math based on their test scores, and the percentage of students in the district that fit that criteria, as well.

Using that data, the Education Department then ranked all school districts in the state, from one through 540, on their proficiency in Mathematics. We dug through the rankings, and pulled out the 25 best school districts in the Capital Region, when it comes to teaching your kids math.

As noted by Syracuse.com in their article on the test data, Fayetteville-Manlius School District in Onondaga County tied for No. 15 statewide for math with 77% of their students being considered proficient.

The first Capital Region School, meanwhile, checks in at No. 40 on the list, and is not the same school district that led the way for English/Language Arts proficiency. Scroll below to see the top 25 schools in the area in terms of math proficiency.

Did your local school district make the grade?


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