At this pace the sports fan will be worn out by Sunday night's Orioles-Yankees or Lakers- Rockets game. A 24 hours of HUGE events, and some not so huge but worth the mention, have this sports weekend off to a crazy start.

Friday saw a devastating injury to Kobe Bryant. Forget the Lakers playoff aspirations what about Kobe's immediate future? The news  technically hit Saturday morning EST.

Friday also saw a 14 year old kid penalized a shot for slow play at the Masters. Follow that up with a rare triple play by the Yankees to help them defeat the Orioles. It was only the 3rd triple play by baseball's most successful franchise in 44 years.

Then a dramatic announcement Saturday morning. Tiger Woods could be disqualified from the Masters for signing an incorrect scorecard, stemming from his shot on 15 that hit the flag pole and went for a swim. Tiger then dropped and stuck the next shot to help save bogey. The drop is what the controversy stems from. Golf's rules sticklers will argue 1 rule in the book while the committee to decide the issue and the public I believe will argue another.Really an amazing moment of drama before the 1st putt went down on Saturday. The committee decided in favor of a 2 shot penalty on Tiger, thus he starts the day -1 as opposed to the card he signed after Fridays round that read -3. You will hear about this moment for a long long long time in golf circles.

In fact Nick Faldo has stoked the fire, stating golf's rules are Black and White and Tiger should withdraw. that statement from the CBS golf analyst has me salivating for TV coverage top begin in less then an hour.

Also on Friday Jose Reyes appears to have broken his ankle and could miss 3 months. The Knicks all but locked up the 2nd seed in the East. Atlanta passed Chicago for the 5 seed. The Lakers sucked it up after Kobe went down and beat the Warriors 118-116. LA leads the Utah Jazz by 1 game with 3 left for the 8th seed.

On the ice The Redwings and Coyotes lost in shootouts, while the Dallas Stars and Columbus Blue Jackets won. Detroit leads Dallas, Phoenix, and Columbus by 2 points for the final playoff spot in the west. Oh by the way bringing a smile to my face the Devils lost their 9th straight. Watching Jersey and Philadelphia fade makes me happy. Oh Let's Go Rangers! The biggest Ranger- Islander game in 19 years in my opinion takes place tonight at the concrete wasteland known as the Nassau Coliseum. A MEGA game for a run at a playoff spot.

Let me throw in the thrashing the Mets slapped on the Twins. The Yanks behind CC beat the O's. Hey John Buck who are you and what is the deal? Keep going big man! The Nats and Braves are getting down this weekend. The Angels are lost right now. The Diamondbacks and Dodgers are squaring off and let me not forget a decision soon on the Quintin-Grienke led brawl. Lastly a rematch of last years other ALDS with Oakland and Detroit getting at it

Let me throw in the NBA playoffs start next weekend, the Texas Auto race filled with controversy, the NFL draft prep is hot and heavy with that 2 weeks away.

If I left anything out let me know. I am fired up as the Maaaaaasterrrs starts in 30 minutes. Enjoy!