With the total solar eclipse looming it is important you get your glasses from the right place.

On April 8th we're going to witness a pretty major event in terms of both science and history. The Total Solar Eclipse of 2024. Depending on where you are you'll be seeing it turn to basically night in the middle of the day. Sounds pretty cool.

Oh, also it could cause you to go blind if you look directly at it. That's why it is very important to make sure that the eclipse glasses you buy are actually going to work.

The American Astronomical Society highly recommends you NOT beging "searching for eclipse glasses on Amazon, eBay, Temu, or any other online marketplace and buying from whichever vendor offers the lowest price."

It's also important to note that even if you have the special glasses, the only time where it will be safe to look at the sun is during the small moment of totality.

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The folks over at Live Science have outlined a pretty detailed guide on how to get your hands on some certified safety glasses for the occasion. There are even some places here in New York that will get you a pair with some state pride.

Everyone is looking to cash in, especially with the event being less than two weeks away. Many places are selling out or already sold out. If you did order a pair, Live Science says:

When your glasses arrive, look for an ISO logo printed on the side (it may be on the interior or exterior of the frames). If there is no ISO logo clearly displayed, that's a sign that your glasses are an uncertified counterfeit, and not safe to use.

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This 2024 eclipse is going to be an epic thing. Just make sure that you are practicing safety while also enjoying it. Most importantly, don't look directly at it like President Trump did six years ago. Yikes.

New York Towns with the Longest Eclipse Totality on April 8

Where you watch the eclipse on April 8 will matter in New York. Some cities and towns will only enjoy the fabled "ring of fire" effect for less than a minute while others will enjoy the spectacular display for nearly four minutes!

Here's 20 "Eclipse Cities" that have the longest totality duration.

Gallery Credit: Megan

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