Have You Ever Seen a Moose in New York?

A few years ago, while visiting Yellowstone National Park, I was fortunate enough to spot a moose that may have been 2 or 3 football fields away, and it was still pretty awesome.  And while I have never seen one in New York, I'm always on the lookout.  I'm just not outdoorsy enough to be so fortunate.

Moose Sightings in New York

Last year when a moose went for a swim across 4th Lake in Old Forge, NY, a man from Woodgate, NY was lucky enough to catch it on video - and the Moose Dip went viral. 

More recently, a different moose encounter went  "ADK viral" in the fall in Onchiota, NY which is about 2 and a half hours northwest of Albany.

*See the recent trail-cam video of a giant moose munching on some trees in the Adirondacks, below.

The man who snapped the "Menage a Moose" wanted to remain anonymous, and all we know is that he was hunting when he spotted them.  The photo went viral after it was posted to Facebook by a local Cafe in the ADKS.

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Man in the ADKS snaps a photo of 3 beautiful moose, a rare sight indeed! Photo: Facebook

How awesome is this? The most recent Upstate NY moose sighting that was captured on video, came from a man named Jeff Nadler, who posted this magnificent trail cam to a Facebook page for wildlife enthusiasts in the Sacandaga region of Upstate NY.

While Nadler wasn't there to witness it live, his trail cam video of the munching moose is incredible.

Here's what was posted:

Here is the full HD video of my January '24 bull moose, two trail cam recordings. I recently posted just a still photo of this moose. This is about two miles from the lakeshore. The moose is eating from a hemlock tree (and these) moose can be (seen) anywhere in Day, Edinburg, Hadley, Corinth, Northville, and Broadalbin. 


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