If have seen a New York home with a green porch light, what it symbolizes is significant.

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You certainly saw a colorful array of lights on local homes for the holidays, but throughout the year you may have noticed some homes in your neighborhood or some public buildings lit up green. But why? The reason behind those green lights is super meaningful and something you will want to add to your home!


Green Lights For Veterans

According to Taste of Home, the color green is a symbol of "renewal and hope" and became the foundation for the Green Light For Veterans Campaign. It was started in 2013 by Walmart to guarantee jobs for Veterans returning home after serving our nation. Part of this campaign was asking Americans to add green porch lights to their homes as a sign of support and appreciation for Veterans.

This grassroots sign of support has continued over the years. According to the Association of the US Army (AUSA), residents typically display the lights around Veterans Day and Memorial Day, but many choose to leave them lit year-round as a salute to those who have served. The AUSA says "The simple action of changing one light to green is intended to spark a national conversation regarding the recognition of veterans, and "greenlight" them forward as valued members of our communities."

Local counties have also taken part in Operation Green Light For Veterans, where public buildings light up green in the days leading up to Veterans Day. Numerous New York county buildings joined the effort and were lit up green this past November.

A simple thank you when you see a Veteran or someone who is active military is always a great way to recognize those who serve. But how about shining a brighter light on that appreciation? On that next trip to the hardware store, make sure you add some green light bulbs to your list to show your support for our local New York Veterans.

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