On Wednesday night, Brooklyn Nets head coach Jason Kidd needed to talk to his team but was out of timeouts.

Kidd "accidentally" spilled his drink on the court and incidentally, had the opportunity to huddle his group together to plan their final shot in a one possession game.

Here's the video:

Within 24 hours, the NBA thought Kidd's "hit me" caught on tape was a little obvious and fined the struggling first year head coach for $50,000.

Then Thursday night, Ravens kick returner Jacoby Jones was streaking towards the end zone whenever Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin stepped onto the field of play, causing Jones to change directions back towards the middle of the field, when he got taken down short of 6 points.

Here's the video:

Not pictured is the smirk afterward.

Do I think Tomlin was in the way on purpose? Unlike Kidd, no way. He was watching the play on the big screen and was unaware he was about to be obstructing the play.

So how are the Kidd and Tomlin plays similar?

Like Kidd, Tomlin should expect a fine from the League simply based off the fact that the NFL has been enforcing stricter sideline rules this year.

Just last week, the Jets drew a 15-yard penalty for standing in the 6-foot white box that coaches and players are prohibited to be in during plays.

I anticipate the NFL will review and determine that Tomlin did indeed affect the play and give him a paycheck deduction as well.

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