We all know that David Blatt isn't the most entertaining coach to ever live, but J.R. Smith's disengagement inside the locker room sure seems to epitomize who he is. 

While Blatt is trying to get the troops excited for the second half, in a way that David Blatt only knows how, Smith is nodding off in the background, peering into na-na land.

The concept of the camera being in the locker room has been an interesting twist by ABC here in the NBA Finals but it's also exposed the Cavs for the amount of money they spend on bananas and how J.R. Smith wasn't even on the same planet.

With no Love and no Irving, the Cavs were really hoping that Smith would step up in this series and he did not. It's a shame too, it was a chance for the former Knick to really make a name for himself. Instead, the Finals became a worldwide platform for the entire globe to see the real dufus that J.R. Smith is.