The New York Knicks organization made one of their biggest moves in recent memory earlier this week when they traded for former Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose. Rose gives the Knicks another weapon and lets the superstar have another chance to prove himself.

When Rose was acquired, many worried about how he would fit in this team alongside fellow star Carmelo Anthony and the young Kristaps Porzingis. Anthony and President of basketball operations, Phil Jackson have had discussions recently both before and after the trade and how it might affect the superstar and this team.

"We've talked about that a little bit. 'Are we moving fast enough to accomplish goals that you have for yourself and your career?' Melo and I have talked about that: whether we're on the right time frame with him, is he disappointed or whatever? I think this is a positive move," Jackson said. "He sees that as a positive move. I think that's reinvigorating for him. I think it's good."

Rose is on the last year of his contract and the Knicks will have cap room next season, but they've assured fans that the focus is on next season, and next season only.

"This is about a season ahead of us. And Derrick's got a drive in him. I know he's going to want to do well. And we'll cross that as we go along into next year," Jackson said. "Yeah, we'd like to have a long-term [deal], and that's certainly one of the great things about it. But there's all the possibilities down the road of what's going to happen to the NBA in the future years."

Do you think the addition of Rose can reinvigorate Anthony?

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