You gotta love the Zen Master. Not only is Phil Jackson a coaching genius-see the 11 rings-but he never lacks for interesting comments and generally doesn't spare feelings in doing so.

Jackson, the former Knick player who learned much of his coaching craft from the guy who kept him on the bench much of his career ( He was primarily used as a late defensive stopper) the late great Red Holtzman hammered the Knicks in an interview you can see on HBO Sports Real Sports this  week.

Being interviewed by Andrea Kramer, Jackson said the Knicks don't fit well together, using the term "clumsy" to describe the Knicks fit.

The interview will air Tuesday night. Also Jackson claims, as has been reported that the genius that is NOT Jim Dolan never called Phil to gauge his interest in coaching his former club. Hey why would you call Jackson and his 11 rings when  you have Mike Woodson who has-well 1 playoff series victory. If Woodson doesn't  thrill you as coach then you have his top assistant Carmelo Anthony, who really is the defacto head coach. If he pouts and quits the team makes a change. See Mike D'Antoni for proof.

The duo coaches, Woodson and Melo trail Jackson by 11 rings combined. Heck combined the 2 have 3--yes 3 playoff series wins. It takes 4 to win 1 championship which means they are combined some 50 playoff series behind the master Jackson.

The former Bulls and Lakers coach also said this about Amare Stoudemire " He is a really good player. But he has to play in a certain system and a way".  Read into that the pick and roll system he excelled in with the Suns and early with the Knicks. But Melo don't play that system so screw that system. Anthony only wants to play with the ball in HIS hands not his mates.

Jackson said this about Anthony-" He has to be a better passer and the ball can't stop every time it hits his hands". Excuse me Phil?  You don't tell the defacto head coach of the Knicks Carmelo Anthony and his whopping 2 playoff series wins how to play ok.

Jackson went on about a few topics in the interview. On his health he is feeling much better after surgery on his knee.

On his former team, the Lakers and the way it ended being swept by the eventual Champion Dallas Mavericks " It was humbling. Not the way I want to see my players behave on the court". This was in reference to the cheap shot Andrew Bynum hit JJ Barea with.

The interview airs Tuesday night and reading between the lines leaves very little doubt the Zen master wants 1 more crack at winning more titles. He wanted it to be with the Knicks but we Knick fans are blessed with  that basketball guru Jimmy Dolan and his 2 coaches-Mike Woodson and Carmelo Anthony