Ah, yes.  You gotta love ole Jerry Jones.  Check out what Jerry said which actually forced a Cowboys' PR guy to set the record straight.

There are a million cliches that are used in sports.  "Take it one game at a time.  We have to give 110 percent.  There's no 'I' in team."  I can't say that it's incredibly common to hear athletes, coaches, or GMs saying, "I want me some glory hole."  In fact, I've never heard that expression as it relates to football.  Ever.  Until now, of course.

Good ole Jerry Jones recently said, "I want me some glory hole," while describing his desire to see the Dallas Cowboys return to prominence.  His phrase was so uncommon that Cowboys' PR guy Rich Dalrymple had to tell the media that "glory hole" is a term used in the oil and gas exploration business.  I've got to believe that "glory hole" is on the short list of phrases that double as blatantly obvious sexual terms.

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