Entering the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft, you could have argued that the Jets needed help at pretty much every position on the football, except maybe kicker and punter. Meanwhile, the Giants and Bills both had specific needs that needed to be addressed. In my mind, two teams succeeded and one team somewhat failed.

Let's begin with the team I believe somewhat failed, because NOBODY circles the wagons like this team - the Buffalo Bills! They held the 8th overall pick, but decided to trade down to the 16th pick, which was held by the St. Louis Rams. This is where I immediately thought, "Either the Bills can't make up their damn minds, or they are setting up to draft Ryan Nassib at a more comfortable position on the board."

But then, it was time for the bombshell - the Bills decided to draft a quarterback, but not the one who played under new head coach Doug Marrone at Syracuse. Instead, the Bills drafted E.J. Manuel out of Florida State - a relatively unexpected selection from Buffalo. I believe just about everyone shares my opinion that Kevin Kolb is certainly not "the answer" for the Buffalo Bills and their long-suffering fans, but E.J. Manuel?

Sticking with the original order of the 1st round, we get to the 9th and 13th overall picks from the New York Jets - cornerback Dee Milliner from Alabama and defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson from Missouri. Following their trade of Darrelle Revis to Tampa Bay, drafting a top-tier cornerback early in the draft was pretty much a necessity and well-executed by the Jets. As far as Richardson is concerned, I honestly don't remember hearing much about his draft stock heading into the evening, but he obviously addresses another need for the Jets' aging defensive unit.

And finally, with the Giants, they used their 19th overall selection to pick up offensive tackle Justin Pugh out of Syracuse. In my mind, this wasn't the most pressing need for the Giants, but their offensive line is definitely getting old and it still is a useful pick. For anyone who may criticize, just remember: Jerry Reese is all about the not-so-sexy, not-so-popular draft picks.

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