Brock Osweiler is set to be one of the most sought after Free Agent Quarterbacks this offseason and in my opinion he just made himself even more desirable. In a story and video obtained from TMZ Sports Osweiler is shown with a group of people including his wife leaving a pizza place called Joe's Pizza in Scottsdale Arizona. Another group begins to heckle the Broncos Quarterback and he does all he can to get away without issue.

Osweiler repeatedly attempts to get his group of people into their vehicle and remained the cooler head throughout the incident. There's a moment when Osweiler basically stiff arms a woman that is attempting to get to his wife but then when another man shoves Osweiler hard from behind sending him reeling and Osweiler still keeps cool and continues simply try to get out of there with the pizza WHICH HE NEVER DROPPED!!!

My favorite thing is in an update from Scottsdale PD where they said "did not rise to the level of a criminal violation" so no one was arrested. "There was no crime reported and no victims came forward." So get that! An NFL athlete was confronted and antagonized and there is no criminal violation or CRIME! So he's perfect QB height, strong arm, studied under Peyton Manning and he's smart enough to walk away? This is the kind of guy I want running my team.