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Chad Kelly, the nephew of Buffalo Bills hall of fame quarterback Jim Kelly, and the current starting quarterback for the nationally ranked Ole Miss Rebels, was involved in a fight during a Buffalo high school football game over the weekend. Below is the footage from this event from Friday night.

Kelly ran onto the field after a late hit on his younger brother Casey Kelly during the game. According to Kelly's mom, the opposing team began "stomping on him and throwing haymakers" at Casey Kelly. Kelly's teammates then ran onto the field followed by Chad Kelly. Chad Kelly's coach at Ole Miss Hugh Freeze said he spoke with his quarterback and understood Kelly's actions. Freeze said "[Kelly] was very apologetic that it brought a bad light on him and our program," "But I think the events that happened could have happened to a lot of us. He knows he cannot continue to do that in his brand change. But that's it. It's over." The nationally ranked Ole Miss Rebels play Arkansas this Saturday.