Check out this hilarious video of Guillermo at the NBA Finals.  A few players look like they want to clobber Guillermo based on some of the questions he asked.

This report by Guillermo, one of the stars of Jimmy Kimmel Live, is hysterical.  It was written all over the faces of some of the players that they were not exactly fond of Guillermo's line of questioning.  Derek Fisher didn't seem to be thrilled with Guillermo tapping him on the back while he asked Fisher if he was sick of basketball because he's 65 years old.  James Harden looked like he wanted to hit Guillermo with an elbow like Metta World Peace. 

Some of the players rolled with the punches pretty well.  Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade were both good sports.  It looked like D-Wade was going to possibly lose his cool, but he recovered nicely.  Kevin Durant seemed pretty cool, but managed to work in a slight cheap shot about Guillermo's mustache.  The "exclusive interview" with LeBron James at the end of the interview is hilarious.

The Miami Heat lead the Oklahoma City Thunder 2-1 in the NBA Finals.  Game 4 is tonight at 9:00pm ET.  WTMM will be airing coverage of the Atlanta Braves vs. New York Yankees this evening.  104-5 The Team, ESPN Radio will be airing Game 5 of the NBA Finals on Thursday.  Pregame coverage begins at 8:00pm.

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