The Buffalo Bills are 8-3 this season and will take on the 6-5 New England Patriots tonight.

For the Bills, this will be their third division game and all three have been on the road. It kicks off a three-game stretch of division games, with the next two being at Highmark Stadium against the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins.

The mood around the Bills lately hasn't been as merry as it was in the first five or six weeks of the season. Injuries have been the biggest factor in the mood swing but also the offense's recent struggles.

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It's no secret the Bills rely on quarterback Josh Allen. No other team in the league, outside of the Kansas City Chiefs (Patrick Mahomes) and Baltimore Ravens (Lamar Jackson) relies on their QB more than the Bills.

Allen knows there's a lot riding on him but he has fully embraced the pressure and also knows just how important a championship is to the City of Buffalo and Western New York.

Allen told Jeff Kerr of CBS Sports of how much Buffalo wants a Super Bowl and why they deserve it.

"The City of Buffalo and the fans here have been through the ringer," said Allen.

"They've been through a lot and it's something (Super Bowl) they deserve," added Allen.

The Bills have pretty much done everything, except make a win a Super Bowl, since Allen has been in the NFL.

They have missed the playoffs (rookie season), lost in the Wild Card (Texans), lost in the AFC Championship (Chiefs) and lost in the AFC Divisional round (Chiefs again).

Allen gets it. He knows the sports heartache Western New York has been through and you can't say that about every athlete who has played for the Bills or Sabres.

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