JR Smith has spewed a lot of things in his day that hasn't made sense, but this? The NBA veteran and former Knick actually has a point.

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Smith visited Madison Square Garden on Sunday for the first time since being traded to the Cavaliers, he sees New York as now having an opportunity.

“They’ve been saying they want a chance to start everything over and rebuild and now they get a chance to do it,” said Smith.

When it comes to the Cavs offense, it's not the complicated triangle, which Smith says never really fit him.

“It’s just a matter of, ‘Does this situation suit my game?’ If you’re a freelancing player and you like to play up and down, it’s not going to suit your game. If you like to play in the half court, move the ball and stuff like that and sacrifice, then it is your situation. It just depends.”

Obviously Phil Jackson and Derek Fisher agreed that the triangle offense didn't fit Smith's game.