This isn't exactly the new-age version of Mickey training Rocky Balboa, but the combination of Beiber, Tyson, and a heavy bag is pretty funny.

Justin Bieber is incredibly popular with current and former boxers.  Bieber carried a couple of Floyd Mayweather's belts to the ring before Money May's victory over Miguel Cotto on May 5th.  Mayweather won the fight via unanimous decision.  Bieber is seen in the video working the heavy bag with boxing legend Mike Tyson.

Say what you want about Bieber, but rubbing elbow with some of the biggest names in boxing is awesome.  Granted, you don't see Bieber and instantly think, badass, but don't let that effect your judgment when it comes to Bieber kickin' it with Money May and Tyson.  I give Bieber props for being able to hang out with those guys.

By the way, I will be climbing in the ring relatively soon.  A friend of mine who shall remain nameless (Mike Zanchelli) challenged me to an athletic competition.  Our 12-event challenge will culminate with boxing.  The video of us talking trash before the competition started is posted below.  I'm currently leading the competition 4-0 with victories in darts, pool, free throw shooting, and 3-point shooting.  I'm definitely looking for double-digit victories in this competition.  I'll keep you posted.

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