Wow!  Get out of here.  A female actually didn’t have any problem whatsoever with a commentator calling her pretty?  Watch this shocking development for yourself.


Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron has a beautiful girlfriend.  ESPN commentator Brent Musburger is very much aware that McCarron has a beautiful girlfriend named Katherine Webb.  She was in Miami on Monday to watch the Alabama Crimson Tide capture a second-straight national championship after crushing Notre Dame 42-14.

During the broadcast, Musburger commented on Webb’s beauty.  There were plenty of people that were bent out of shape about Musburger’s comments.  I swear some people get offended about everything.  ESPN actually felt compelled to release an official apology.

Webb was asked about Musburger’s comments and ESPN’s apology when she appeared on “The Today Show” on Wednesday.  Webb stated that she didn’t have any problem with Musburger’s comments.  Shocking!  Girls like being called pretty?  No way!!  Webb appreciated ESPN’s apology, but didn’t find it necessary.

Below are Musburger’s original statements about Webb.  By the way, it’s funny that color commentator Kirk Herbstreit chimed in briefly to compliment Webb’s beauty also, but didn’t receive any criticism for his comments.  The video at the bottom is a parody that blends Webb and Musburger together.  It’s pretty funny and shows plenty of pics of Webb.  Nice!  A smart man definitely put the video together.  Enjoy.

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