With Russell Westbrook out for the Oklahoma City Thunder, Kevin Durant has had to carry even more than his usual workload to keep his team afloat. He did just that yesterday, carrying the Thunder to a Game One victory in the Western Conference semifinals against the Memphis Grizzlies thanks, in large part, to this game winning jumper.

As awesome as this shot was by Durant, I have to wonder what Tayshaun Prince was thinking playing so far off a guy that rarely misses from that distance. Yes, Durant is excellent at getting to the basket as well, but help defense could give you a better chance to stop that than just hoping he misses an open jumper.

OKC managed to avoid dropping a game at home, which would have given the Grizzlies a huge advantage with how well they play on their own home court in Memphis.

And as if that shot wasn't epic enough, here it is in slow motion. Enjoy.

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