Boston Celtics power forward Kevin Garnett makes a great point while taking a very funny shot at Comcast Cable.

Kevin Garnett was asked a question about team chemistry on Tuesday night following Boston’s 100-94 overtime win over the Washington Wizards.  It was a good question considering that Boston has rookie Jared Sullinger getting big minutes while Tason Terry and Courtney Lee are new editions to the team.

Kevin Garnett made a great analogy by saying that you can’t fast forward through the commercials (like you do on your DVR) when building team chemistry.  It takes time.  Then, the Big Ticket made a joke by saying Comcast has “silly ass” commercials.  It was actually a very funny line.  KG then said that he’s a DirecTV guy.  It was a very funny scene has Garnett twisted while sticking his foot in his mouth further.  Great stuff.

I’m originally from South Bend, IN.  I agree with KG and his assessment of Comcast’s “silly ass” commercials.  I’m now a Time Warner Cable guy here in Albany, NY.  My biggest beef with TWC was their ongoing dispute with NFL Network.  Now that the dispute is settled and I can enjoy the visual bible that is the NFL Network, I’m okay with TWC.  No comment on their commercials though.

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