"With the 19th pick in the 2018 NBA Draft, the Atlanta Hawks select Kevin Huerter from the University of Maryland." The crowd at the Edison Club erupted, Kevin Huerter, with a satisfied grin, bowed his head for a moment before standing to hug his mother and father, his biggest supporters in this process and before the thought of being an NBA Draft pick even existed.

Going to Brooklyn, participating in photoshoots, parading across a stage in a suit to perhaps never be worn again just isn't Kevin Huerter's style. One of the exclusively invited players to Thursday night's NBA Draft, Huerter politely declined and instead, got to spend his biggest, life-changing moment to date surrounded by roughly 200 family members and close friends at the Edison Club in Rexford.

As Kevin describes it in the interview below, the anticipation and excitement grew with each pick that passed. The Shenendehowa grad knew he would be selected in the first round (at least one team gave him that guarantee before he decided to forego his junior and senior seasons in College Park), but the exact spot was still something of a mystery until he got a tap on the back from one of his agents prior to the Spurs' pick at 18.

Kevin knew it wouldn't be San Antonio picking him, rather the team that followed the Spurs; a team for which he worked out prior to the draft: the Atlanta Hawks.

Kevin joined Rodger and Chris the morning after being drafted to describe the moment, the night and all that comes next:

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