All eyes were on Johnny Manziel on Saturday in their home opener. In fact, one could say that it's the most people that have watched a Rice football game in decades.

How was Johnny Football going to react to the summer long accusations and eventual NCAA suspension of one half? By mocking it, of course.

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Among several taunts in Saturday's game against Rice, in the third quarter Manziel made the gesture of signing an autograph and then shook his finger 'no' as if to say, "No autograph for you, silly Rice boys!"

The second to last offensive drive for the Aggies was capped with Manziel getting a 15 yard penalty for taunting. Texas A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin immediately benched Manziel for his behavior.

"I just hope he learned that those actions may be actions that you think just hurt you, but they end up hurting the whole football team," Sumlin said. "That was the real gist of his message to the team."

The post-game press conference saw the second year Aggies head coach act forceful and fed up in regards to Manziel, like any disciplinarian would act.

Look, it's great that Sumlin wants to lower the hammer down on his star player now, but where was Sumlin and his staff when Johnny Goofball was out immaturely and unnecessarily putting himself in the public spotlight all summer long.That'swhen Sumlin needed to say, "Let me inform you how to properly act since you're not old enough to figure it out on your own ..."

Maybe if Sumlin's tough hand would've come out months ago, the entire country wouldn't realize what a snobby stuck-up dufus this kid really is.

At this point, A&M needs to put a staff member on Manziel at all times and just get him through this season. That way he can then go get annoyed by all the scrutiny and questions he'll necessarily receive from NFL franchises next spring.