The New York Knicks 2014 2nd round draft pick, Cleanthony Early was robbed and shot,  early Wednesday morning.

Grand Rapids Drive v Westchester Knicks
NBAE/Getty Images

The shooting happened at 4:15 a.m., after Early left a strip club in Queens with his girlfriend.Early, 24, was surrounded by a group of men, two of them with guns, as he was pulled out of his uber, the men took all of his jewelry, and shot him in the leg.

The Knicks released a statement acknowledging the shooting."We are aware of what occurred with Cleanthony Early this morning and are relieved that he is not in a life-threatening situation," the team said. "We will not comment any further until we receive more information."

Early played .29 seconds, in the Knicks 108-96 win over the Detroit Pistons.