The New York Knicks and their fans have gone from praying for a superstar to join the team and make them relevant to hoping a superstar makes them a playoff team that could win a series. The name at the top of lists most of the 2021 season has been Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal. the NBA Trade Deadline is this Thursday at 3 pm EST. The Knicks host Beal and the Wizards tonight and Thursday could Beal be wearing a Knicks uniform for the Thursday night game?

Ava Wallace of the Washington Post joined us and paints a pretty bleak picture for any fan that is hoping to pry Bradley Beal away from Washington. Thanks to the "play in" scenario from places ten to seven in the Eastern standings the Wizards are still alive to make the Playoffs and with Beal and Russell Westbrook who knows what they could do if they made he postseason? For those reasons and more Wallace makes the case that the Knicks and teams like the Miami Heat will have to look elsewhere if they want to add a star before the trade deadline.

It breaks my heart just a bit that Bradley Beal will not be a Knick but Wallace makes a good point, "why give up great players when I feel like I'm close as a team and can get to the next level in the draft or free agency if I keep Beal?"

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Hopefully the Knicks will either find that missing piece before Thursday or the return of Derrick Rose helps solidify them as a playoff team in the NBA East.

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