More than a decade ago, George E. LaMarche III left his mentor at a prestigious Capital Region law firm to start a practice on his own.

During the next year, he shared his ideas with a fellow attorney he had known since law school — Andrew R. Safranko. In February 2012, they joined forces to create LaMarche Safranko Law PLLC.

They've never looked back but they certainly know a lot about giving back. They made The Leadership Team because of the grassroots approach they took to attracting and keeping thousands of clients facing personal injury or criminal cases over the years. Not only has this trusted approach built invaluable relationships and referrals, but it has also built a respected firm that is growing the careers of more attorneys.

George and Andy sat down with Rodger Wyland to share how they keep their team winning and growing when so much is at stake for their clients. Listen to the full interview here or keep scrolling for a condensed version:

The Leadership Team Podcast with Rodger Wyland on ESPN Radio

Rodger Wyland: We've touched on this a bit, but I'll ask: What differentiates you from the rest. You have a lot of competition.

Andy Safranko: What really separates us is the personal attention. A lot of law firms say it, but we actually do it. We get to know our clients; we're dealing with people in the worst times in their lives — they're seriously injured, they've been arrested, they've been accused of a crime or somebody's trying to take their livelihood away from them. We really have a holistic approach. While we are their lawyers and we're helping them, we really are trying to help them get out of a situation. If it's the criminal side, if there's an addiction, we get them to meet with the right providers. On the personal injury side, we get them to meet with the right doctors and team to help get them back to where they started from. And help mitigate what are sometimes extreme circumstances.

Rodger Wyland: How many do you serve? How many clients have you built over the years?

George LaMarche: Thousands. Hundreds of clients a year come into the firm. We're not a large firm. We have four lawyers, a couple of "of counsel" lawyers, which means they are not partners in the firm or members of the firm, but they are affiliated with our firm. Our reach is statewide, although it's primarily the Capital district. They become friends of the firm and people who recommend us to other people. That's how our business has grown. They stay in touch with us.

Andy Safranko:  I think what else differentiates us is: We get a lot of work from other lawyers in town that don't do what we do. Lawyers, judges, people involved in the police community, when their family members, friends, or neighbors get in trouble or injured, they call us, and that's a huge part of the satisfaction on our end.

Rodger Wyland:  How do you continue to grow this? What's the next level?

George LaMarche: I like to push the envelope a little bit so, more social media, putting us out there to a community that may not know us directly but who have gotten to know us because they see us on video, whether that's on our YouTube channel, TikTok, or Facebook.

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