A little boy made a cameo appearance during the Oklahoma vs. Baylor game on Wednesday night.  Check out this very funny moment.

Oklahoma beat Baylor 74-71 in college hoops action on Wednesday night.  During the game, a little boy ran onto the court with 8:50 remaining in the second half.  The game was stopped for a short time as the boy was picked up and ushered off the court.  It was a cute moment that was luckily harmless.

Baylor guard Pierre Jackson (#55) was the closest player to the boy when he ran onto the court.  Pierre turned around once the game had been stopped with a “what in the world is going on” look on his face as he was processing the situation.  It was also a funny moment.

All things considered, no harm, no foul.  The boy didn’t get accidentally knocked over and the game resumed without any more hiccups.  I’m just surprised little things like this don’t happen more often.

Brian Noe is the Brand Manager at 104.5 The Team, ESPN Radio in Albany, NY.  Brian also hosts “The Noe Show” weekdays from 1-3 pm ET on WTMM.

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