Last night, the Yankees beat the Mariners, 5-3, in 11 innings. It was another crushing loss for the Mariners, who blew a 2-1 lead with 2 outs in the ninth inning.

The lone bright spot for the night when it was all said and done was this moment from the third inning. After Alex Rodriguez was said to not swing, catcher Mike Zunino and manager Lloyd McClendon were ejected.

For some context, this was on the heels of another check swing no-call in the same inning. Brett Gardner was on his way back to the dugout when he was awarded first base.

Lloyd McClendon is nothing if not entertaining. I'm glad he got his money's worth and gave the business to each umpire on the field. For the record, I do think A-Rod held up, but with the quick trigger on Zunino and the clear missed call on Gardner, I think McClendon was justified.

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