The greatest linebacker ever in my opinion today announced he has put his Super Bowl ring up for sale with hopes of bringing in big dollars. Not sure if Lawrence Taylor needs the money or what his motivation is as he hasn't said. Taylor has run afoul of the law several time so speculation is sure to heat up.

Ironically or maybe not the announcement comes on the same day the NY Giants recieved their Rings for winning the  Super Bowl by beating the Patriots.

As of this time it is reported that Taylor's ring has recieved 12 bids  the highest being just over 37,000. The ring is said to be worth between 75k and 100k.

The ring is described as being "worn", or " only having considerable wear that in some eyes will hopefully increase it's aura". Aura of course meaning value!

The ring features 2 football shaped diamonds on a background of Blue enamel and is surrounded by 17 "smaller" diamonds. It also has the name Taylor and Lawrence Taylor's famed uniform number 56  underneath it. The ring will be accompanied with a letter of authenticity from Taylor