The Blue Wave is coming my friends. This Saturday when Malachi Jones and the Albany Empire host the Baltimore Brigade in game one of the playoffs the Times Union Center will be home to the first ever Blue Wave. Everyone needs to be there and rock their blue in support of our Empire.

Even thought the Blue Wave is new one thing hasn't changed, Malachi Jones is laser focused and just like every week this season he and the Empire are looking to go 1-0. This is the mindset that has led Jones and the Empire to a 10-2 season and the top seed in the playoffs. Listen below to hear how Malachi and the Empire will look to finish that Unfinished Business.

THE ONE TIME GOZ ACTUALLY MEAN MUGS!!! Malachi Jones is not a "Mean Mug" kind of guy which is fine because all the man does is catch touchdowns. #UnfinishedBusiness

Malachi Jones With Levack And Goz
Malachi Jones With Levack And Goz

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