Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban had no problem getting into a spirited debate with Skip Bayless on ESPN's 'First Take.'  This is definitely worth seeing.

Wow, Mark Cuban didn't exactly hold back when it came to a debate on ESPN's 'First Take' with Skip Bayless on Friday morning.  Cuban was upset with Skip Bayless for speaking in generalities instead of providing facts.  Some of the phrases that Cuban used were pretty funny.  At one point, Cuban began a statement by saying, "If you were smart, you would come out and you would have substance," and then proceeded to debate Bayless.

Bayless is definitely a shock jock.  He makes a lot of comments for dramatic effect.  Sometimes, he speaks in generalities like Cuban stated, but it's not like Skip Bayless is always off-base and never makes sense.  Bayless is an opinionated guy.  Often times, people are going to disagree with his stances for various reasons.  However, it doesn't automatically mean that Bayless doesn't have his facts straight.  Cuban is right about Bayless speaking in generalities at times, but he's wrong about Bayless never having his facts straight.  I love Cuban's passion though.  Maybe he can be a guest on 'First Take' more often.

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