Someone better tell New Giants Tight End Martellus Bennett he didn't sign with the Jets. Bennett is yapping away, even before the 1st practice or physicals are taken. Want to bet Tom Coughlin will speak to Bennett and quickly.

Bennett, after getting to Albany proclaimed he hates his former team the Dallas Cowboys saying " I want to kick their asses". " This is what it is all about, I mean we are cool but we ain't that cool"

Bennett who obviously will be a must go to quote for the beat writers then flapped away some more saying " I have ill feelings toward everybody. It's not just Dallas, pretty much anybody who doesn't play with us".

Bennett who was the primary backup behind Jason Whitten of the Cowboys will be competing against his mouth and Bear Pascoe and Adrien Robinson for the starting job. Travis Beckum tore his ACL and Jake Ballard, also with a torn ACL signed with the Patriots.

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